Thursday, December 30, 2010

52 things to do in Dallas WITH KIDS?

While we were having our annual "unwind after Christmas" vacation at my mom's house in Wimberley, I read this article in the Austin paper. An Austinite had decided to blog every day about an interesting place in Austin that she had visited, she called it 365 Things to do in Austin. That sounds ambitious. Is it corny to try 52 Things to do in Dallas? On facebook there are 365 Things to do in Dallas...

So... to live large and aim high, here are my 2011 Resolutions.

1. Remember each and every day that I am a precious child of God; called to love God, love myself, love my husband, and love my kids.
2. Blog weekly about 52 Things to do in Dallas WITH KIDS. See, I was original, I added with kids.
3. Lose 10 pounds (I know I told myself I would lose these 10 pounds by my birthday in October, and then it was by Christmas, maybe giving myself the whole year is not a good idea?
4. Walk a half marathon March 27 for the Komen Marathon for the Cure (raising $250 for breast cancer research) and walk 60 miles in 3 day for the Komen 3-Day for the Cure in November (raising $2,300 for breast cancer research).
5. Since #4 above is already on the calendar, maybe a resolution to adequately prepare for those events would be a good goal...

What are your 2011 resolutions?

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