Thursday, January 6, 2011

#1 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

The first Tuesday in January I was able to bring my daughter, Madeleine, and my niece, Sydney, to work with me since they were still on winter break. Sydney had seen the pinkberry on the way to the church and she said that she loved pinkberry. And I knew that the McKinney Trolley route was right there. And then I thought, isn't the Dallas Museum of Art open for free on the first Tuesday of the month? After a little googling, our afternoon plans were set. I settled the girls into the Parlor at the church and was so excited when I realized that the first Tuesday craft group was coming. This wonderful group loved listening to the girls and shared with me afterwards that the girls love to pretend that they are sisters. I did not know that!

So, with the morning of meetings finished and a little more work completed, we left at 2 pm for pinkberry. It turned out that my niece Sydney had never been there, she just loved that it was called pink!

The girls managed to finish their treat and then we headed across the street to ride the free McKinney Avenue Trolley. They thought it was so cool that they did not have to put on a seatbelt just like the school bus.

The last trolley stop was the Dallas Museum of Art and the girls skipped to the incredible children's area where they made sculptures out of foil, sketched, and loved exploring.

After a long time, they finally agreed that we could leave the children's area and explore the rest of the museum. We never made it off of the first floor (there are four levels), and my favorite moment was when we entered a room with a sculpture of a little boy playing with a car. The girls ran right up to it and I saw the gallery attendant begin to grimace and open her mouth, when the girls skidded to a stop. They knew not to touch the art! Look with our eyes and not our hands. Love those girls! They wanted to go outside as well to run among the sculptures.

I had a great time with the girls and it was all free (except for the pinkberry!) They loved the trolley ride back, though they wanted to stand up since they were so comfortable on the trolley by now and they had to be reminded by the conductor to sit down.

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