Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Stories

Sunday morning we were getting ready to try out Sunday School at First United Methodist Church Richardson when Everett woke up from his morning catnap. Lee went to get him up and I heard, "Kerry, come quick!" Everett had figured out that we keep his wet wipes on the windowsill above his changing table, which is next to his bed. He had gotten the wet wipes container, opened it, and taken out every single wet wipe! They were covering his bed and he looked so proud. He was of course, soaked, as were the sheets. It was so funny and also really a neat moment because he is not a baby that sits quietly anymore, he is now a baby who is able to make a mess!

Then Tuesday when we were on our way to Vacation Bible School at Spring Valley United Methodist Madeleine told me in the car something amazing. She said in the most amazed voice, "Mommy, did you know that when Daddy was little he had to watch the commercials, he couldn't fast forward them."
"Really," I responded, "that is amazing!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rev. Jim Dorff elected Bishop!

Hallelujah! Rev. Jim Dorff, my District Superintendent when I served as pastor at Krum UMC and the pastor who baptized Madeleine and Everett, has been elected a Bishop of the United Methodist Church! It took 23 ballots and you can follow the nail biting balloting here and here. Here is a blog that follows the balloting and has photos, an interesting viewpoint from someone from Nebraska, apparently you have to have a Texas connection to become a Bishop.

Now, the sad news is that Bishop Dorff will be assigned to a different episcopal area, in the south central jurisdiction. Bishop Dorff is headed to the San Antonio area.

I love Jim Dorff, he rocks!

In other jurisdiction news, check out this blog...

I love my Aunt Kristin

Swimming at Aunt Terri's house... I promise, Everett was happy!

Mommy, make a movie of me!

It took me forever to put the sheets back on the guest bed, Madeleine jumped on the bed and Everett laughed and laughed. I have new sympathy for iphone people who won't be able to view this video, however, it is priceless!

Monday, July 14, 2008

How is everybody doing?

Well, Everett had 3 vaccines today but was happy at dinner, seen below. Madeleine is intrigued (notice I did not say good) with her rollerskates from our friends the Vannorsdels who lived in Krum (they now live in Denton). I keep telling Madeleine that you are supposed to wear your shoes with this particular type of skates, but she thinks I am incorrect...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Look what I did!

I can climb into a cupboard in the kitchen!

Art Show

Madeleine attended art camp this summer and we went to a local Lake Highlands restaurant to see her art work on display. She was very proud!

She did the one on the top right.

Bottom center and top left, 2nd row.

Titled Blue Flower...

And this is what you get when you say, "Sydney, Madeleine, get together for a picture."

Monday, July 7, 2008

Spot Update

Well, wouldn't you know it by the time we got to the doctor's office most of the spots were gone, but where they were really bad there was now a little bit of bruising. His ear was a little purplish as was right below his eye, near his belly button, and under both arms. Apparently, that isn't normal so the doctor invited us to go get some lab work done. Imagine a baby tourniquet if you will! They drew blood like they would for an adult... Everett's platelet count is okay, so his clotting is okay. Who knows, the kid seems fine, doesn't act like he is in pain, still eats, poops, all that. Anyway! The blood work did show that Everett is low in iron, so bring on the meat!

In other news, at Everett's 9 month check up he was almost on the weight chart (yeah!) at 16 lb, 9 oz. Length was 27 inches (10-25%) and head circumference was 45 1/2 cm (50%).

Red spots

Sunday morning (yesterday) Everett was covered in red spots when he woke up. We couldn't figure out what it was but he wasn't complaining, wasn't itching, and didn't have a fever. We decided that the church nursery would refuse him admittance :) so, we got him in the car to our closest doctor, my brother-in-law Andy! Andy was very helpful and also got a consult from their neighbor who is a pediatrician. Thanks Doug! Doug said it was red spots and they would go away, no idea what causes them, maybe a virus. When I called our own pediatrician yesterday she said to not worry about it if Everett was happy and eating (which he was). Today is our 9 month visit anyway, so she would just wait and see him then. Below is a photo of what Everett looked like yesterday at noon, he was covered in these red spots. Today his spots are a lot better.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vacation to Wimberley!

We had a wonderful vacation in Wimberley. I deemed it the most relaxing vacation ever because we stayed at my mom's in her guest house (which is beautiful!), my mom played with Madeleine and held Everett, we swam in the pool, ate my mom's delicious food, and got to see 2 movies (Wanted which was awesome and Hancock which was good at the beginning and then bad), and went out to dinner at a great restaurant. My favorite part of the trip was swimming in the pool (salt water pools are awesome!) and going on my 1 hour morning walks with Everett. Since the boy wakes up at 6am, I decided to go on a walk with him so Lee could sleep. I saw tons of deer every morning and the hills were gorgeous! I can't wait to go again!

The kids with Nana (my mom).

Everett loves being taller than his daddy!

We were playing turtle and I was the turtle.

Everett loved his float.

I love this picture that I took of my mom!