Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Knight and My Princess

The Summer Reading Program at Launa's Little Library was to become a knight or a princess after reading (or hearing) 20 books. Here are some photos of the kids as they were knighted and ... princessed?

Check out Queen Mrs. K! Madeleine receiving her tiara and scepter.

Everett receiving his knight helmet (is it a helmet?)

How cute!

Everett checking out books.

Madeleine checking out books.

Madeleine "pushing" Everett in the swing

More like twirling... love this video!

Does it make you want to throw up?

Last day of school

I'm just going through some photos of the summer and wanted to pay tribute to Madeleine's school for the past year. Madeleine (and Everett) have been going with me to Oak Lawn UMC Monday-Wednesday when I work (part-time) and occasionally Fridays as well (when I relax!) to the incredible Child Development Center at Oak Lawn. The Oak Lawn Child Development Center is a full-time daycare, and the teachers have all been there forever and I have been incredibly blessed by the love that the entire staff has shared with my children. I wanted to share some photos of Madeleine with her teachers.

I am also blessed Monday mornings to be the Chapel Lady and to read a Bible story, sing songs, and share in the Lord's Prayer with the 4 oldest classes (15 minutes in each class). I am pooped after that hour!

By the way, I just figured out how to embed a slideshow onto the homepage of the church website, check it out! I am so smart!

Madeleine with Ms. Jamie

Madeleine with Ms. Teresa (and Ms. Kathleen sitting at the table)

Madeleine took this picture!

Thank you Oak Lawn United Methodist Church Child Development Center!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One More Video of my fish

I am just amazed at my five year old little girl swimming the back stroke in this video. Had to share another swimming video.

An Ode to Launa's Library

I remember reading about Launa's Library in People Magazine (article can be found here) and thinking that one day it would be really neat to go there. Now, we go there all the time! Launa's Library is a library on the 2nd floor of the home of Mrs. K.

Last week Mrs. K had her annual pajama story time and I took Madeleine and her cousin Sydney while my sister Kristin made sure Everett didn't wake up and also made sure Austin didn't wake up Everett. Mrs. K has the most patience of anyone I know and actually hosted the pajama storytime on 2 consecutive Friday evenings. She read a ton of books, and even one in English while a librarian friend read the same book in Spanish.

Madeleine all ready to go in her jammies. The yellow bag on her shoulder is her library bag that Mrs. K gives to all of the library members.

Madeleine and Sydney (in green jammies) listening closely.

The dual reading of a book in English and Spanish.

Mrs. K. Love her!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Madeleine had her first day of kindergarten on Monday. She loved it! Today (her 2nd day) she wanted to bring money for lunch and now she wants to buy her lunch everyday! The first thing that she said when I picked her up yesterday was, "Mom, I have so many new friends!"

Everett is having a harder time adjusting. After we dropped Madeleine off we still had our 20 minute drive to Oak Lawn UMC. The entire way Everett inquired about Madeleine, "Madela, Madela..." I heard this a gazillion times! Then, when I picked him up, he kept saying, "Mommy, Mommy," and pointing to Madeleine's carseat. He was obviously reminding me that I had forgotten to get Madeleine.

Madeleine also started tap class on Monday. She took preballet last year and was not too interested in ballet this year. She was really interested in tap class. I'll take pictures next Monday, promise! She did great in a class of 5-7 year olds and is definitely following the teacher's instructions to practice.

the annual photo in front of the school.

I thought I would cry, but she was just so happy, so excited! My baby girl is in kindergarten!

They sold Moss Haven (the name of her school) bling at the school supply sale, so I turned all crafty and ironed it on this pink tie dye shirt from Target.

Family photo

Madeleine at her desk.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last swimming class

For THREE years every Saturday we have gone to swimming class at Emler's. It has been great and Madeleine can swim freestyle and breaststroke. We decided to take a break and not sign up for the fall session and wait until the spring when Everett and I will do aquababies and Madeleine can continue in super swimmers or whatever her class is called. In celebration of her last class, Everett and I joined Madeleine in the "baby pool," where the kids can play after swimming class. Sorry to include both pictures, Madeleine was smiling in one and Everett in the other! And two videos, one breaststroke kick and one breaststroke arms.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Trying to get the perfect photo

It is always impossible to get the perfect photo. But this one was really important. Our wonderful friends Carmen and Jim are in the process of waiting to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. They asked my children to be the models for the 8 months on the waiting list photo. Here's what we came up with...

First, I thought the kids could make an 8 with their bodies. But, it didn't look like an 8....

Then, Everett wasn't too cooperative, so I thought Madeleine could make the 8 with her fingers and Everett could look cute. But, we got "the angry 8"

this one isn't too bad....

could this one be it???

You'll have to check out Carmen and Jim's blog on the 15th to see which one they pick! Continued prayers for Carmen and Jim as they wait and their beautiful child that will be welcomed into the most loving family.

The circus!

This summer the Dallas Public Library's reading club has provided free tickets to the Dallas Children's Theater (after which we had to buy season tickets, it's so close to our house and really good!), and tickets to the circus! I decided that Sydney (my niece) would enjoy it more than Everett, so off we went! Of course, the library had only provided 2 free tickets, and I was a bit shell shocked to pay $30 for my ticket! and $10 for parking! We were in the limited view area (that's what free tickets get you), but still had a great time.

Sydney enjoying the circus

Madeleine took this picture!

the tigers

Madeleine at the preshow. You could go to the floor where they had a ton of activities an hour before the show.

It looks like Sydney is trying to lick Madeleine, not sure why...

God sends us reminders

So, today God sent me a wonderful reminder that I am not in control. You see, I like (okay, I love) to be in control. I have had a summer that has flown by, and a few weeks where life has been hurling by, but still, I was in control (mostly). Yesterday I got back from a 48 hour trip to Manassas, Virginia for my uncle's memorial service. There were some things that I couldn't control on that trip, for example, my circuitous route to the Washington D.C. area. I thought that I was traveling from Dallas to Houston to Washington Dulles. However, on my flight from Houston to Dulles I realized that we had landed too soon and asked my neighbor where we were and when she replied, "Tampa," I just laughed. Then, when I began my uncle's memorial service I realized that there was water obscuring my vision. There have been lots of things to remind me that I am not in control, but today took the cake. I took the kids to school at Oak Lawn UMC while I boarded the church bus with 10 other staff members. We drove an hour southeast of Dallas to Cedar Creek lake where we had a great time planning, sharing, bonding. When it was time to come home, we all loaded up and we were off. For about 30 minutes. And then, we started to smell burning, and then there was smoke, and then we stopped. There was chocolate milk coming out under the church bus and apparently that is not a good thing. There were suspicions that the transmission was broken. Seriously? Last week the transmission went out on my car. Maybe it's me! I'm bad luck with transmissions!

So, David Edwards, our wonderful Building Administrator, called his contacts and a big rig tow truck and a big bus from Buses by Bill was on the way. They would be there in an hour. Which was a miracle because we were just north of Kaufman! That's like 30 minutes from Dallas. So, we stood outside in the shade and the cars speeding by did provide some nice breeze! However, it was 4:40 pm and it was hot! We did have 4 Good Samaritans drive by, though one wanted to talk about how God had a reason for all of this. I replied that maybe the reason was that our church bus was old. We also had another denomination church van drive by, but they seemed to speed up, not slow down and inquire as to how we were... Anyway, two state troopers drove by and didn't even slow down, though one did check us out. Around 5:40 pm, the big rig tow truck arrived. Was he going to take away our cover from the sun? We all seemed to migrate inside the church bus, we weren't going to leave the protection that it provided!

The big rig tow truck driver offered to take us to the shell station one exit up, and then a Good Samaritan came by and so we split up our band of 11 and 4 went with the Good Samaritan and 7 of us fit in the big rig cab. There were 4 of us on the nice man's bed, one laying behind us on the bed, one on the floorboard, and one in the passenger seat. We were rescued! We arrived at the shell station and filled up on ice cream, then we waited for the bus which was apparently now stuck in traffic! He arrived at 6:30 pm, and took us back to the church.

Today was a reminder that I am not in control. Today was a reminder that I married a wonderful man who left work at a moment's notice to pick up the kids from school. Today was a reminder that sometimes, the best thing that you can do is laugh. Today was a reminder that working at a church can be full of unexpected surprises and a whole lot of fun!

To top of the day, I was supposed to meet my wonderful friend Jenny Bailey for dinner tonight at my house at 6:45 pm for a home cooked meal. I didn't get home until 7:20 pm! So, Jenny and I went out to Neighborhood Services and I had to unbutton my pants it was so good!

us on our tow truck driver's bed! Russ (the music director and organist), Michelle (the bookkeeper), Dawn (administrative coordinator), Gregg (outreach minister), me

the poor church bus!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A lot going on

So, right now I have a lot going on:

1. I am preaching on Sunday.
2. I am in charge of Vacation Bible School on Sunday after church but praise the Lord I have wonderful volunteers, so not much stress there. Thank you Patti Osborne and Kristen Hanna!
3. I am doing my uncle's funeral next Tuesday in Virginia. I will be gone 48 hours, flying for 12 of those. A huge thank you to the incredible husband Lee for watching the children while I'm gone!
4. I am supposed to book all of these things for our Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA kick-off party September 12. Though today I reached out and asked for help and was blown away, thank you Tiffany Walker!

So, after finishing a great book, (I like exciting books) I have decided to update my blog with pictures! There is nothing to help you with stress like not doing the things that you should be doing!

the sheik... Everett wearing one of my mom's sunhats during cousin camp in Wimberley.

Madeleine having a blast at my dad's gym's outdoor pool.

Lee and Everett at the Lake Highlands 4th of July parade. Everett loved the blue snowcone!