Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Ode to Launa's Library

I remember reading about Launa's Library in People Magazine (article can be found here) and thinking that one day it would be really neat to go there. Now, we go there all the time! Launa's Library is a library on the 2nd floor of the home of Mrs. K.

Last week Mrs. K had her annual pajama story time and I took Madeleine and her cousin Sydney while my sister Kristin made sure Everett didn't wake up and also made sure Austin didn't wake up Everett. Mrs. K has the most patience of anyone I know and actually hosted the pajama storytime on 2 consecutive Friday evenings. She read a ton of books, and even one in English while a librarian friend read the same book in Spanish.

Madeleine all ready to go in her jammies. The yellow bag on her shoulder is her library bag that Mrs. K gives to all of the library members.

Madeleine and Sydney (in green jammies) listening closely.

The dual reading of a book in English and Spanish.

Mrs. K. Love her!

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