Monday, September 28, 2009

The Smiths

We attended a children's carnival at the University of Texas at Dallas on Saturday afternoon. Everything was free (my favorite kind of carnival) and we had this family photo taken. Aren't we cute? We were standing in front of a green screen and the computer put in the musical background.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting along

It is AMAZING to me how well Everett and Madeleine get along (for the most part). Madeleine is a very kind big sister and as soon as Everett wakes up the first thing he asks for is "Madla?" Here are some recent photos of the siblings.

Everett trying on one of Madeleine's crowns

watching Max and Ruby or Barney in the morning.

hide and seek, a favorite (this is a kitchen cupboard)

posing for a photo
E and M laughed so much during this photo!

or jumping up and down in Everett's crib

May Madeleine and Everett continue to see the best in each other and always be able to make each other laugh!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fairy houses series

My friend Mary Spradlin, pastor at St Stephen UMC in Arlington, recommended the fairy houses series for Madeleine. I had never heard of it! The Dallas Public Library only had the PBS video that had been made adapting one of the books, so I used interlibrary loan to get the rest. Books arrived from Colorado, Arizona, Utah... for free! I love the public library! We just finished the last Fairy Houses book, a book of photos of real fairy houses. Fairy houses are tiny houses made of natural materials which fairies frequent during the early morning hours. I highly recommend the Fairy Houses series. Tonight we also read another book by Fairy Houses author, Tracy Kane, The Magic of Color which was a wonderful book about the creation of humanity and the varied colors that we are. One day soon maybe the Dallas Public library will let me download audiobooks to my/Lee's ipod for free!