Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fairy houses series

My friend Mary Spradlin, pastor at St Stephen UMC in Arlington, recommended the fairy houses series for Madeleine. I had never heard of it! The Dallas Public Library only had the PBS video that had been made adapting one of the books, so I used interlibrary loan to get the rest. Books arrived from Colorado, Arizona, Utah... for free! I love the public library! We just finished the last Fairy Houses book, a book of photos of real fairy houses. Fairy houses are tiny houses made of natural materials which fairies frequent during the early morning hours. I highly recommend the Fairy Houses series. Tonight we also read another book by Fairy Houses author, Tracy Kane, The Magic of Color which was a wonderful book about the creation of humanity and the varied colors that we are. One day soon maybe the Dallas Public library will let me download audiobooks to my/Lee's ipod for free!

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Anonymous said...

You can download audio books from Richardson public library. They will give you a library card even if you live in Dallas.

They have a great children's section too.