Wednesday, September 25, 2013


In July I transitioned from officially working part-time to full-time.  I am still not sure what is harder, going to work everyday or being a pastor-in-charge again.  I forgot how stressful it was to be the pastor-in-charge.  I forgot how much other stuff (taking care of a building, finances, communicating with groups who use the church) occurs during a day.  Today the health inspector came for our preschool.  I had not planned for that...  Thankfully I have an amazing group of folks who work at Greenland Hills UMC.  Seriously, amazing people.  

The last time I was pastor-in-charge and worked full-time we had one kid and she was two years old.  This time around it is seven years later and life has changed.  Two kids both in elementary school with lots of activities.  I decided to go to the church everyday because I pick them up at 3 pm and take them to all of their activities: Dallas children's chorus, girl scouts, taekwondo, ballet, piano, soccer, volleyball.  And a lot of evenings I go back to the church for meetings.  Working full-time with kids is crazy busy no matter what your line of work.  I still have not mastered cooking while working full-time but it is good to have goals :)  And I can't remember the last time our carpets were vacuumed... 

It is hard to complain when I have a job that I love at a church with incredible folks who love God.  It is hard to complain when my spouse Lee helps me make kid's lunches every night.  I am still in awe of single parents, and I give thanks for kids who are supportive, a spouse who is my greatest cheerleader, a sister that sends me flowers on my first day at my new church, parents that will drop anything to come help, and friends who will help carpool.  It takes a village and I am so thankful that I have one.