Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sweet Big Sister

We were blessed to have a baby shower on Saturday hosted by my sister Kristin and my good friend, Charlotte Dye. It was so weird to open presents for Deuce! He really will be here soon! Madeleine enjoyed the presents, though I'm not quite sure that she realized that they were not for her.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Deuce Update

I'm going to the OB every two weeks now. The doctor says everything looks good. Hard to believe that it's less than two months away until Deuce (yes, baby boy Smith is still unnamed) makes his arrival. I am feeling good, though running around after a 3 year old does wear you out. Here's a photo from today (with my hair up)

Madeleine Update!

Madeleine and I took a trip to my mom's in Wimberley with my sister Kristin and her 3 year old Sydney and her 4 month old Austin. My mom rented us a minivan for the trip and now both Kristin and I want one! A year's worth of swimming classes has paid off and Madeleine is really enjoying the water. I got Madeleine a blue bathing suit with floaties in it which helped her to become more confident. We are also enjoying swimming at Aunt Terri's! Madeleine is the swimmer in the blue bathing suit.

What a month!

I feel like it has been forever since I've blogged, and it has been forever! Our house has been in a state of disarray, but we now have repainted all but two interior rooms and have new carpet throughout the house and have exchanged the carpet in our master bathroom for tile. The thing I am most excited about with the paint is that the old speaker intercom boxes that were in all of the rooms have been taken out and sheetrocked over! Here are some before and after shots:

The dining room and entry way (the pink and blue wallpaper photo is a before, but taken before move in day -- not our stuff). Now we have a light blue and dark blue theme going on.

The guest room used to be blue, now it's yellow! (cottage cream)

The master bedroom on move in day, it's not red anymore!

The master bathroom - for 6 months the wallpaper has been off, and I was getting used to the wallpaper paste! Now it's blue walls and gray tile!

Madeleine's bedroom. The walls are white with a pinkish tint.

The nursery - much better for a boy :)

The Office (from a tan to an olive)

The TV Room (On move in day and tonight)

and the living room where we have been storing everything that was in all of these rooms! What a mess!