Monday, August 27, 2012

Third Grade!

Everett (preK) and Madeleine (in 3rd grade) in front of the school sign!
Madeleine started third grade today!  She has grown up a lot this summer, not only did she go to her first sleep away camp (2 nights at girl scout camp Bette Perot) but she is also making regular visits to the orthodontist.  She now has a butterfly expander on the roof of her mouth with a key that her lucky parents get to turn every morning and every night as we break her palate to make it bigger.  She also has an appliance on her bottom teeth.  

This fall Madeleine will be involved in girl scouts, ballet, volleyball, and piano. 

Everett is in his last year of preschool at Oak Lawn UMC.

Family photo waiting for the doors to open.

Family photo in Madeleine's classroom.
My precious girl.