Friday, August 14, 2009

The circus!

This summer the Dallas Public Library's reading club has provided free tickets to the Dallas Children's Theater (after which we had to buy season tickets, it's so close to our house and really good!), and tickets to the circus! I decided that Sydney (my niece) would enjoy it more than Everett, so off we went! Of course, the library had only provided 2 free tickets, and I was a bit shell shocked to pay $30 for my ticket! and $10 for parking! We were in the limited view area (that's what free tickets get you), but still had a great time.

Sydney enjoying the circus

Madeleine took this picture!

the tigers

Madeleine at the preshow. You could go to the floor where they had a ton of activities an hour before the show.

It looks like Sydney is trying to lick Madeleine, not sure why...

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Sonja said...

I didn't know the circus was in town. Congrats to Madeleine for reading enough to go. Yeah Madeleine!