Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A lot going on

So, right now I have a lot going on:

1. I am preaching on Sunday.
2. I am in charge of Vacation Bible School on Sunday after church but praise the Lord I have wonderful volunteers, so not much stress there. Thank you Patti Osborne and Kristen Hanna!
3. I am doing my uncle's funeral next Tuesday in Virginia. I will be gone 48 hours, flying for 12 of those. A huge thank you to the incredible husband Lee for watching the children while I'm gone!
4. I am supposed to book all of these things for our Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA kick-off party September 12. Though today I reached out and asked for help and was blown away, thank you Tiffany Walker!

So, after finishing a great book, (I like exciting books) I have decided to update my blog with pictures! There is nothing to help you with stress like not doing the things that you should be doing!

the sheik... Everett wearing one of my mom's sunhats during cousin camp in Wimberley.

Madeleine having a blast at my dad's gym's outdoor pool.

Lee and Everett at the Lake Highlands 4th of July parade. Everett loved the blue snowcone!

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Elise said...

Love the pictures! Your little boy is growing up. :) Sam and I are thinking of you. Travel safe. Much Love, E