Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last day of school

I'm just going through some photos of the summer and wanted to pay tribute to Madeleine's school for the past year. Madeleine (and Everett) have been going with me to Oak Lawn UMC Monday-Wednesday when I work (part-time) and occasionally Fridays as well (when I relax!) to the incredible Child Development Center at Oak Lawn. The Oak Lawn Child Development Center is a full-time daycare, and the teachers have all been there forever and I have been incredibly blessed by the love that the entire staff has shared with my children. I wanted to share some photos of Madeleine with her teachers.

I am also blessed Monday mornings to be the Chapel Lady and to read a Bible story, sing songs, and share in the Lord's Prayer with the 4 oldest classes (15 minutes in each class). I am pooped after that hour!

By the way, I just figured out how to embed a slideshow onto the homepage of the church website, check it out! I am so smart!

Madeleine with Ms. Jamie

Madeleine with Ms. Teresa (and Ms. Kathleen sitting at the table)

Madeleine took this picture!

Thank you Oak Lawn United Methodist Church Child Development Center!

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