Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Stories

Sunday morning we were getting ready to try out Sunday School at First United Methodist Church Richardson when Everett woke up from his morning catnap. Lee went to get him up and I heard, "Kerry, come quick!" Everett had figured out that we keep his wet wipes on the windowsill above his changing table, which is next to his bed. He had gotten the wet wipes container, opened it, and taken out every single wet wipe! They were covering his bed and he looked so proud. He was of course, soaked, as were the sheets. It was so funny and also really a neat moment because he is not a baby that sits quietly anymore, he is now a baby who is able to make a mess!

Then Tuesday when we were on our way to Vacation Bible School at Spring Valley United Methodist Madeleine told me in the car something amazing. She said in the most amazed voice, "Mommy, did you know that when Daddy was little he had to watch the commercials, he couldn't fast forward them."
"Really," I responded, "that is amazing!"

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