Monday, July 7, 2008

Red spots

Sunday morning (yesterday) Everett was covered in red spots when he woke up. We couldn't figure out what it was but he wasn't complaining, wasn't itching, and didn't have a fever. We decided that the church nursery would refuse him admittance :) so, we got him in the car to our closest doctor, my brother-in-law Andy! Andy was very helpful and also got a consult from their neighbor who is a pediatrician. Thanks Doug! Doug said it was red spots and they would go away, no idea what causes them, maybe a virus. When I called our own pediatrician yesterday she said to not worry about it if Everett was happy and eating (which he was). Today is our 9 month visit anyway, so she would just wait and see him then. Below is a photo of what Everett looked like yesterday at noon, he was covered in these red spots. Today his spots are a lot better.

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Jen said...

Poor guy!! Keep us posted!