Sunday, January 9, 2011

#2 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Play in the snow. Sure, it doesn't snow every year, but when it does ... it is awesome!!! It has snowed the last two winters in Dallas, so it must be a trend... (we can hope). And when it snows,
snowball fights are mandatory, as is building a snowman! Just FYI, if you ever have a snowball fight with a 3 year old, they play dirty. Madeleine was taking her time, making perfectly round balls and Everett was just shoveling the snow at Madeleine. He definitely won the snowball fight.

Here is Madeleine rolling either a)the biggest snowball ever or b)the bottom of the snowman.

Don't you think they need to make a Buzz Lightyear hat for adults? And mittens? I miss mittens!

Seriously this girl rolled this ball around the entire yard all by herself! It was heavy!

Showing off the snowman to the neighbors...

Some clean snow that tasted delicious!

Hope that you were able to enjoy some snow!


JennyB said...

I have grown up mittens:) They're very necessary to dog walking in Connecticut in the wintertime!

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Grown up mittens... that just makes me happy :)