Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Christmas post

Just a few pictures from our Christmas...

I got the kids plates with their full names and dates of birth on them.

Madeleine really wanted days of the week underwear. The package came with 9 pairs. 2 extra for laundry day? The 2 extra have designs on them.

Everett wanted to finish the cookies that Santa took a bite out of.

Celebrating Christmas with my mom. Madeleine LOVED her Nintendo DSi.

And this is the image of Madeleine that we will see from now on. Head down, playing with her video game.
Madeleine so excited about her American Girl doll llama.

Within minutes of opening his tools, Everett had figured out how to fashion a gun. Seriously.

Everett rocking it out on his guitar.

Everett building a castle as we got ready for bed (he ran away before I put his top on!) from last year's Christmas present of blocks.

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration!

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