Friday, January 28, 2011

A home phone

I still remember the home phone number that we had when I was little (460-5228, this was before the 10 digit numbers). And when Madeleine could recite our home phone number, it made me so proud. But when I was late to pick her up one day because I was caught it traffic, and she told me that she had called me but I didn't answer, I began to wonder about the necessity of a home phone. She had called our home phone number because that is the number that she knew, but I was not at home. If she only knew my cell phone number... Well, that had me start thinking...

Did we need a home phone? The only people who called us on it were telemarketers, and I was tired of receiving those calls.

The only thing preventing us from giving up our home phone number was our security system that needed a phone line. So, we have changed our security system to use a wireless box and I just canceled our home phone number.

We will see if we miss it!


Jen said...

You won't miss it. Welcome to the living a completely wireless life! :-)

Erica said...

I'd love to cancel our home phone. We get almost nothing but telemarketing calls, even though we're on the DNC list. You go girl!