Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fort Worth zoo

I had never been to the Fort Worth zoo, so for my birthday I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, due to the Reflections art program, the 3-Day for the Cure, and Madeleine's soccer games, the first day that we could go was the day before Thanksgiving. I was incredibly impressed. The animals had large areas to roam and play, and we even saw them play! This orangatun played with a sheet for about thirty minutes and we were all fascinated. The orangatun played hide-and-seek, put the sheet on like superman, and threw it into the river and then would reach long arms in to retrieve it.

I loved the orangutan but I loved the bonobo apes more because there was a baby. I can not remember ever seeing the bond between mom and baby in such a real way as I did at the Fort Worth zoo.

The baby laying on mommy.

The baby nursing. So cool!

Madeleine feeding the birds. She had a bird land on her stick, but I did not take a picture fast enough.

Me with the kiddos balancing on a bronze kangaroo.

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