Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures with Santa

I took the kids to visit Santa. Everett said he wanted a truck. When pressed, he said a big blue truck. When I asked Madeleine what she wanted and the response for a third year in a row was an American Girl doll, I said that Santa liked variety. So she agreed that an art kit would be good. The first year Santa did bring an American Girl doll, and the next year when the same request was made, Santa brought a doll for the doll (did you know that they make those? They do!).

If you want to see the progession of Everett's response to Santa, check out these previous pictures. This is in 2008 when Everett is 1 and Madeleine is 4. At age 1 Everett was having nothing to do with this new person named Santa.

This is in 2009 when Everett is 2 and Madeleine is 5. I think that age 2 is my favorite! Everett is physically trying to crawl out of Santa's lap.

And in 2010 when Everett is 3 and Madeleine is 6. Everett looks like he has accepted Santa, though not yet smiling. I love how Madeleine is grinning from ear to ear in every photo! Check out Madeleine's boots too!

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Elise said...

These are awesome. I like Madeline and Santa's faces at age 5/2. It's also nice the Santa is the same year after year.