Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Express Riding Train

Last year I found out about this wonderful electric train that runs during December. We had a blast last year and it was even more fun this year with older boys who appreciated the trains even more. I can't believe this gem is 10 minutes from our house, free, and operated by the nicest man! There have not been crowds when we have been there, we rode three times in a row this year.

that's Everett and Madeleine in the front car, I'm three cars back with my blue camera bag. Papa is behind me and Nana is behind him.

Everett loved the train!

So did Austin (in the car behind Everett, Sydney and Madeleine)

Look! No hands! Madeleine, nephew Austin, Aunt Kristin, niece Sydney, and Everett

All of us - my sister Kristin and her kids Austin and Sydney, me and Lee and Madeleine and Everett, and my mom (Nana) and stepdad (Papa)

Merry Christmas!!!

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