Saturday, July 2, 2011


Writing about going to my mom and stepdad's last week made me think about all of the years that we have visited their home in Wimberley. Through the years in pictures...

summer 2004 with a newborn Madeleine asleep on her daddy's shoulder.

summer 2005, a 1 year old Madeleine playing with Papa.

summer 2006, 2 year old cousins, Sydney and Madeleine with Nana.

summer 2007, 3 year old Madeleine happy in the pool with her Nana.

summer 2008, from left to right, Austin, Kristin, Sydney, Nana, Madeleine, Kerry, Everett.

another one from summer 2008, Everett loves the pool!

summer 2009.

an awesome trip in summer 2009 to Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs.

summer 2009, Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs.

summer 2010, family photo.

summer 2010, with 6 out of 8 of the grandchildren. From left to right Papa, Nana, Austin, Everett, Xander, Madeleine, Cassie, Sydney.

summer 2011, family photo.

summer 2011, that girl loves to swim!

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