Friday, July 1, 2011

The best of summer

The best of summer is visiting my mom and stepdad's home in Wimberley. This annual family trip is the best of summer because
1. there is a guesthouse so we actually get to sleep-in while the kids wake my mom and stepdad up at 5:45 am
2. the salt water pool
3. floating in the river nearby. My mom dropped us off (the river is a mile away from their house) and picked us up in one hour. It was such fun!
4. the morning walks where you can see deer, roadrunners, and dung beetles
5. the view, trees everywhere you look
6. going to the San Marcos outlets
7. built in babysitters so we can go to the movies or have dinner with wonderful friends who live in Austin
8. the relaxation, I finished 2 books!

This year was also wonderful because Everett became more and more comfortable in the water. He has only taken swimming class for 6 months. When Madeleine was his age she had taken swimming class already every Saturday for 2 years! Here is video proof of Everett swimming in the water and though he keeps saying he is sinking, he seems to be enjoying it!

Nana's famous face painting skills

an exhausted pirate

Papa attacking Madeleine with the jet plane

Everett not terrified in the pool!

happy boy

Madeleine and mommy

Smith family photo June 2011

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