Thursday, July 7, 2011

#15 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Visit the Lego store at Northpark mall on the first Tuesday of the month for the free monthly mini-build. Info can be found here. We got to the mall at 4:30 to wait in the line for our number guaranteeing that we would be able to participate. We were numbers 76 and 77. The mini-build did not start until 5 pm but we were in the car leaving the mall by 5:20 pm. Once you get into the Lego store, 6 kids are led through the build by a very kind and patient Lego store employee. We have always had a great experience and it is free!

Unfortunately, once we got in the Lego store I did not take any pictures, but here is one of the kids playing inside the mall. I love Everett's new light up flame shoes (thanks Nana!) and his matching flaming basketball shirt.

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