Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cousin Camp 2011

Every year my sister and I take our kids to Nana and Papa's in Wimberley for cousin camp. We are blessed beyond belief to live about 5 minutes away from each other in Dallas, but there is something magical about cousin camp. There was lots of swimming, a trip to the San Marcos outlets for new school shoes, and a trip to see 3 million bats emerge from Old Tunnel near Fredericksburg and one of the best hamburgers in Texas! We had a great time! And Everett (who was terrified of putting his face under the water just a few months ago) is now swimming like a pro!

trying to get a photo of Nana and the kids ...

Madeleine, me and Everett

me and my sister

a pirate and a bat face painting to get ready to see the bats!

but first dinner... a delicious burger! I got mine with grilled onions and avocado.

there are 3 million bats in that old railroad tunnel!

getting ready to see the bats...

there were a lot of bats!

bats on their way to get water and eat moths and mosquitoes.

and a movie as the bats emerge...

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