Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Growing up with cousins

Last Thursday my brother-in-law Andy matched for his residency at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas! He will be an ER resident. We are over the moon that they will continue to be in Dallas, we were all nervous that they would have to move to another city or state! Kristin and Andy have been busy looking at houses, for some reason their 2 bedroom 1 bath house seems too small...

I have been thinking about the wonderful blessing it is to grow up with your cousin. Madeleine and Sydney will be in the same grade and Austin and Everett will just be one year apart in school. Family is so important and I feel mighty blessed to be so physically close to mine!

Here is Kristin and Andy at Kristin's birthday celebration (in 2006)... I think I need to take a Rutherford family photo!

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Jen said...

Great pic of Kristen and Andy!