Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#21 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Go to Chuck E Cheese. If you will notice from my 52 things to do in Dallas with kids list, most of the activities that I have written about have been free. So, I went to the Chuck E Cheese website, and printed out a Reading Reward Calendar. If my child read every day for 2 weeks, then she would get 10 free tokens (it said that you had to purchase a food item but it was 9 am when we got there and the Chuck E Cheese employee did not make us purchase anything). So, with Madeleine's cousin Sydney in tow and 2 reading logs filled out, we appeared at Chuck E Cheese. We were the first ones there (they open at 9 am) and they had a great time in the relative quiet playing games. I was very clear before we went in that they only had 10 tokens each and that was it. It was a great, free way to spend an hour.

Madeleine pedaling up to the sky on one of the games.

The loot from all of our tickets.

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