Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freckles Smith, the dog

We have a new member in our Smith family! It is Freckles Smith, the dog! Freckles is 2 years old and was found by a loving family who found him running in the street. We found Freckles from and the petfinder app. Freckles is a Brittany/Setter mix and rarely barks, loves to have his tummy scratched, and did great on my 3 mile walk this morning!

Everett laying on Freckles.

Madeleine and Freckles. She filled out a prayer card in church today that Freckles would like our family :)

Madeleine giving Freckles a good tummy rubbing.


Kyle c said...

I can tell he loves the family already!

JennyB said...

Congratulations on your newest family member!