Monday, August 22, 2011

#22 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Go to the Nasher Sculpture Center. We used the kids summer coupons from the Mayor's Summer Reading Program to go for free (35 cents to park in the meter for an hour) and thoroughly enjoyed the sculptures, but the highlight was Martin's Creed's balloon room. Sadly, the balloon room has been dismantled. It was so amazing and terrifying. I was terrified of getting lost, all I could see were balloons. I made us all hold on to each other. But when we found our way out it made me think about perspective, when all that you are focusing on is what seems to be in front of you and you do not realize the children laughing all around you. The description on the website said that the art would alter one's physical experience of the space and that was true! I am so glad that we went (the day before it closed!), Everett loved it and even after we went in twice he wanted to go back in again. As long as I did not appear scared, Everett did not appear to be scared. At the end of our second visit in the room he was falling back into the balloons on purpose! Madeleine loved how the balloons made her hair stick straight up.

the balloon room

It was really hard to take pictures in the balloon room, but here is Madeleine.

Everett surrounded on all sides by balloons.

Feeling safer in Daddy's arms.

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