Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why is your stomach not a private part?

What wonderful conversations you have with your children when you least expect it! In the bath last night Madeleine asked me what your private parts were. I told her the parts and she said that the counselor at school said that anything that was covered up by a bathing suit was a private part. So, she wondered aloud, was your stomach a private part or not? I said that it was not a private part and then she wanted to know why. Why is your stomach not a private part? I remember someone shared with me once to only answer the question that they are asking, do not go into great detail because children just want to know the answer to the question that they are asking. Oh, this growing up thing is going to be so fun!


Dana Norton said...

Because not all swimming suits cover the stomach? How did you answer?

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Dana, I said that I did not know, that it was a great question, but your stomach was not a private part. Then, she said that she wore a bikini this summer so that the counselor at her school was right, as long as you wore a bikini.

Jim Sumpter said...

Oh, Kerry, aren't children wonderfully smart and inquisitive and come at a topic from a direction we never anticipate.