Friday, September 3, 2010

The best part about my day

At Madeleine's elementary school the parents have an opportunity to come read to the class each week. Last year I was in charge of soliciting volunteers and I made all the sign ups sheets and forgot to sign up first, so I read to Madeleine's kindergarten class in April! This year I got smart, I signed up before I put the sign-up sheets out! Meet the Teacher was last night when the parents come to learn about what the kids do during the day and I had the sign-up sheets ready to go (with my name already in a slot to read to the class in December). When I picked the sheets up at the end of the night, no one had signed up to read to the class today, so I asked if I could bring Everett with me and we got to read to the class today.

It was so much fun! Madeleine's school has 1st and 2nd graders together (and 3rd and 4th together and 5th and 6th together), so there were 44 children (22 1st graders and 22 2nd graders) sitting as quietly as could be on the reading rug. I put Everett next to me in a chair and then when Madeleine saw me she wanted to sit next to me too. I read Madeline and told the children how in France you spell Madeleine with another e like we did but how in America you spell it Madeline. (Eyes were glazing over and at lunch three of the kids said Madeleine's name incorrectly which they had not done before). We spell her name the French way but say it the American way (yes, she will be in therapy later in life).

Then, I read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The children were rapt. A few said that they had read it before, but to read this book about the future and our world made me all goosebumpy. These children are the future and our world will be affected for the better or the worse by them.

Last, I read Read All About It written by Laura and Jenna Bush. It is a really cute book about a boy who does not like the library.

So, tonight when it was my turn to share the best part about my day, being the parent reader was my answer. What was the best part about your day?

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