Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training for the Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day for the Cure!

This coming November 5-7 I will be walking 20 miles each day for 3 days. I will be participating in the Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day for the Cure and walking 60 total miles. In order to accomplish that goal I have been incredibly blessed with wonderful friends and family who have donated $3,075 so that I could participate in the Komen walk. When I registered I committed to raise $2,300, but because of the generosity of my friends and family I surpassed my goal!

I first learned about the 3-Day from a co-worker when I served as an Associate Pastor at Lovers Lane UMC. Then, when I moved to Oak Lawn UMC one of the church members walked the 3-Day and completely inspired me. When Terri Meador, my brother-in-law's significant other, passed away from breast cancer this spring I was sure that raising money to fight breast cancer was the right thing to be doing. I talked to my mom and I am so excited that she will be walking with me!

The Komen people help so much to prepare you for the 3-Day. Every week I receive an email telling me how many miles I should be walking each day to get ready. So, I have been waking up at 6:30 am to walk 3 miles and a few times I have woken up at 5:30 am to walk 6 miles (I walk a 20 minute mile so 3 miles in an hour). Last week I woke up at 5 am to walk 9 miles (I walked from 5 - 8 am) but it was super scary dark and I don't think that I will try that again!

Mom came to Dallas a few weeks ago and we walked together and Mom took this picture of me training! If you want to see my 3-Day website, here it is.

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