Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally happy at swim class

I forgot to post the pictures of the last week of swim class when Everett actually liked it (it was a two week class). He asked last night when we got to go again, not until next year buddy. He is actually smiling in the first photo. He still did not like swimming on his own, but before swimming class he would not put his face in the water or blow bubbles. Baby steps, baby steps.

I remember talking with a mom about how her older child could swim but her younger child could not because they had not been as faithful taking their younger child to swimming lessons. I totally related. For three years I took Madeleine every Saturday to swimming class (from the age of 2 to 5). Going with my sister and her little girl was accountability. My sister Kristin continued without us this past fall and her 3 year old little boy is a great swimmer now. So, this spring I will begin taking Everett every week to Emler's as well.

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