Saturday, July 24, 2010

My foot hurts!

Thursday night I was doing one last errand before going to bed. I had my hands full with stuff to put in the car, so I didn't turn on the light as I came into the room. I proceeded to walk right into the ottoman and hit my foot. It hurt! I dropped what was in my hands and proceeded to curl into a ball on the floor as I cried out for Lee. I could move all my toes, a little, so after a bit I went to bed.

On Friday morning I was supposed to walk 3 miles for my 3day training, but I could not put my foot on the floor without crying out in pain. I was able to drag my foot along, but I could not imagine how I was going to drive Madeleine to Vacation Bible School or keep Everett home with me and keep him amused. Lee decided to stay home from work (Bless him!) and be my chauffeur. As we picked up my niece Sydney for VBS my brother-in-law, Doctor Andy, checked out my foot for free. He said my 4th toe (next to the little toe) might be broken, but only an x-ray could tell for sure. I made an appointment with my doctor at 11 am, but Doctor Andy's advice was the same as the doctor that I paid for!

After Lee drove all over town to take the girls up to Richardson for VBS, then to downtown to take Everett to school, then to Garland to pick up his computer for work, we stopped at the doctor's office near Presbyterian Hospital. An x-ray later and some advice to elevate and ice, we went home where I took a 3 hour nap!

After some motrin and a nap I was able to put on my tennis shoe without too much wincing. I could not believe how much my foot hurt! (Or I could just be a wimp) When I woke up I called the doctor's office to see if the toe was broken and I almost cried when the message said the doctor's office was closed. It was only 4:30 (on a Friday). I don't know why an official diagnosis seemed so important, but it did. I started to make dinner and could not believe it when the doctor called at 6pm. My toe wasn't broken, and somehow that news made me happy and sad. Happy that it was not broken, but sad because I wanted there to be a reason for the pain. My wife bruised her toe and there was soft tissue damage did not seem like a justifiable reason for Lee to have taken the day off of work!

I am so thankful for Lee who took care of me all day, for Doctor Andy who is in our family and only lives 1.5 miles away, for x-rays, and that my toe is not broken. I could not believe how much my toe hurt yesterday, the pain radiated through my body all day long. My toe is not throbbing today, and I will try to elevate and ice as I get ready to do a wedding on a golf course tonight and preach both services tomorrow. I did not have time to have a broken toe, though it would have been exciting. I have never broken a bone in my body!

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