Thursday, August 26, 2010

What is important when you are in first grade

The first day of school Madeleine had to fill out a worksheet that said, "This morning I was worried about ..." and Madeleine told me that she was worried about being hungry before lunch. In kindergarten they ate breakfast at 10:30, but in first grade they don't eat lunch until 11 am! In both kindergarten and first grade they get a snack at 1:30 pm. I included a picture of Madeleine's paper below, apparently it is very normal for a first grader (or at least my first grader) to not include the vowels. They are apparently harder to hear when you are sounding out a word. On the right of the page Madeleine drew pictures of her food from lunch, the circle is her ham (no bread, not a sandwich, the girl will only eat pieces of ham), cheetos, and pudding.

Yesterday she had to write something that her teacher did not know about her. She wrote that she can not do the monkey bars. Really? That is what you want the teacher to know about you? Apparently first grade is all about food and monkey bars...

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