Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage sales

I have always been a fan of garage sales. When I was little, ten year old or so, I bought a replica of the Philadelphia Love statue. I loved that Love paperweight.

(this photo was taken last October on my 35th birthday trip to Philadelphia)

Last year I took the kids to a garage sale in our neighborhood and told the kids before we left the car that they could each purchase one thing. The woman having the garage sale was cleaning out her "birthday closet", so everything was still in its original packing with the price tag on it. She was selling everything for half price, but I still spent $25! The kids kept reminding me that I had promised them they could each purchase one thing. Most expensive garage sale ever!

Yesterday after going to Madeleine's school supply sale where we purchased her school supplies for (gulp) first grade we went to the garage sale at Lake Highlands High School hosted by the Highlandettes (after being on the drill team myself for 4 years, there is a soft spot in my heart for drill teams everywhere). I told the kids they could each purchase one thing (I never learn), and Everett picked this skateboard over lightsabers. The $1 skateboard broke after it had been home for 5 minutes, but Everett wanted to sleep with it last night. He can actually ride it pretty well, on the carpet at least. My $1 purchase was the helmet, even though it was too big, Everett is so cute in it! Madeleine's $1 purchase was a snowman bag with body lotion inside. In the car on the way home, Madeleine smelled the lotion and she did not like the way it smelled. She said, maybe it smells better in the winter since it is a snowman? I love that kid!

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