Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring break

So, what do you do when you have a kindergartener who has spring break? You take them to work with you! Madeleine came to Oak Lawn UMC with me on Monday where she was my chapel helper while we visited the 4 oldest preschool classes, sang songs, read a Bible story, prayed the Lord's prayer together, and had lots of fun. Tuesday Madeleine used up a lot of the tape in my office and made herself a desk in my office.

Wednesday I lead Bible study and also a prayer service in the sanctuary so Madeleine went to ASI gymnastics and was not happy when I came to pick her up. She wanted to stay longer! Then, Thursday Madeleine went to Mockingbird swim and fitness and again had a blast. While Madeleine was there and Everett was at school I went on the best 2 hour walk along the Katy Trail. I walked from Oak Lawn UMC to the Katy Trail, then walked downtown and walked all around. I had a great walk! When I went to pick up Madeleine from swimming, I thought she was waving hello, but she was waving for me to go back to the car and leave her there. She had a great time. On our way to pick up Everett from school Madeleine and I continued our frozen yogurt taste test by going to TCBY. Madeleine declared it the winner because it is named The Country's Best Yogurt, even though I tried to explain the concept of marketing to her, she stuck to her decision.

Thursday night we all went to Tillman's Roadhouse, the smores were a big hit.

Friday we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Mansfield and went to the Butterfly exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was really fun!

the fountains outside were entertaining as well

An atlas moth

Kids today will know nothing of taking your film to get developed, they want to see the picture immediately!

Then, we had to try out a frozen yogurt place in Fort Worth and I do declare that Curly's Frozen Yogurt is even better than Wild About Harry's in Dallas. Curly's was really good.


JennyB said...

Didn't TCBY used to mean this can't be yogurt? Sounds like a fund spring break all around :)

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Sort of like I can't believe it's not butter! I think that you're right. They are good marketers, they had a poster in the store with people smiling and it said that yogurt was good for you. Madeleine went home and told Lee that yogurt made you smile.

Elise said...

It was "The Country's Best Yogurt!" I'll never forget that b/c(between 1986-88 we were given book covers at Paul Revere branded by TCBY. Although perhaps they couldn't decide which slogan to stick to...I can SO imagine that discussion.