Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No need to eat dinner

Well, Madeleine and I were busy today with our frozen yogurt taste test. This was after Madeleine spent the morning at ASI gymnastics (it is spring break) while I led Bible study at the church and the noon prayer service. We traveled to our next stop on our frozen yogurt taste test, Natsumi at 2323 Henderson. It was delicious! I declare it the winner of our contest, seriously, if you live in Dallas, you must try their pink guava. They had gelato for Madeleine (she got brownie flavor) and they even had miniature Reeses peanut butter cups! They were so good!

Then, after we picked up Everett from school, we had to try out the new cupcake store! It is called Dimples Cupcakes, isn't that cute? And it was bliss! And while the cupcake bar at the new Whole Foods was delicious as well, these cupcakes were warm! They bake them for you while you wait (or heat them up, all I know is that they were divine!) And Dimples is next to Campania (my favorite lunch special place, a huge salad with wonderful dressing and a pizza) and Yumilicious on Blackburn in Uptown. I know. This is dangerous.

So, no dinner for me and now off to the stationary bike while we watch some Good Wife!

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