Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kindergarten writing

Madeleine made a journal, I love how she put her middle name last, and how she spelled Nicholls (my grandfather's last name). Madeleine spelled it Nickells. Madeleine told me that a friend in kindergarten told her Madeleine's middle name was Nicole and I said, "No, you are named for your great grandfather Nicholls. Your middle name is not Nicole."

Inside the journal was this page that says, "I wish for a dream come true and it is a dog." However, Madeleine knows that she has to wait until her little brother is older and not terrified of dogs as he is now (but he is getting better).


Anonymous said...

The ad that comes up on this blog is about Nicholls State University. Are you related?

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

I don't think so, It looks like Nicholls State University is in Louisiana and the Nicholls side of my family is from Pennsylvania. Interesting!

Elise said...

wow! She is growing up!