Saturday, October 3, 2009

Turning 2!

Everett Sumpter Smith will turn 2 on Monday! I can hardly believe it, these two years have flown by. He is talking so much, though we do not always understand what he is trying to say. I love the way that he says Madeleine, it sounds like Madla and he calls Lee, Dadnin. He loves to wake up his sister in the morning and runs down the hallway when we say, "Let's wake up Madeleine." He understands more than I think and is very compliant (for now!). He loves his blankie and puts his finger through the tag. The tag is hanging on by one thread, and is sure to fall off any day now. He loves balls and is very good at throwing them. He is learning how to catch, but isn't as good yet. One day last week while Madeleine was at school, Everett and I tossed the tennis ball back and forth for 45 minutes! He was very clear on where he wanted me to be, and would point and make noises until I got far enough away.

Everett is such a warm-hearted, loving child and he is just so cute! He is still little (I just realized I haven't made his pediatrician's appointment for his 2 year visit, yet!) but is becoming very adept at hiking up his pants after he has run. He recently had some school pictures taken at Oak Lawn UMC Child Development Center and although I forgot that it was picture day and took him in his cousin Austin's hand-me-down Cowboys Romo jersey, Everett looked so cute I had to buy the picture!

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