Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Madeleine at the fair

We made our annual trip to the State Fair of Texas. It was Lee, me, and Madeleine (we took Everett to school so he would not miss his nap) and we had a blast! The first thing we did was watch Madeleine take her test drive. She did a lot better than last year and really enjoyed it.

Then we went to Little Hands on the Farm where the kids wear an apron, get feed, feed all the animals, milk the cows, plant seeds, get their crops, deliver all their food to market, sell it, and get to buy a treat. It is such fun!

Then we went to the children's barnyard where you get to pet lots of animals and feed them if you buy some feed.

Then we saw a dog show where the dogs do amazing tricks, then off to see the butter sculpture, the marionette show, the backyard circus, corny dog for lunch, and had to try out the winner for most creative fried item (the fried butter) and most tasty fried item (the fried peaches). There were both really yummy. The fried butter was a ball of butter fried in biscuit dough, so it was like a warm, gooey biscuit. Madeleine has been talking about cotton candy for weeks, and I know it may be hard to believe but she ate nearly the entire cone of cotton candy all by herself (Lee helped her a little). Then we played one midway game and Madeleine picked out a winning duck so she got a stuffed animal prize, then Madeleine did the kid bumper cars. Madeleine really wanted to ride the Texas star ferris wheel which is the largest ferris wheel in North America! Madeleine was not scared a bit, though I got a little queasy! I felt good after one ride around, and was ready to get off, but our $6 ride (each) included two trips around the ferris wheel! Madeleine loved looking out at all of the sites with her daddy. By now it was time to go pick up Everett and crash at home! We were at the fair from 10 am (when it opened) to 4 pm!

Madeleine with one of the marionettes

Madeleine at the backyard circus, she was a ballerina

the fried peaches, best tasting

the fried butter, most creative

Madeleine with her cotton candy, she ate the whole cone!

the bumper cars

view from the Texas Star Ferris Wheel, downtown Dallas

it was windy up there!

so happy!big Tex!
family self portrait
on our way to the car

Next year, we might be brave enough to bring Everett!

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