Sunday, October 4, 2009

Opening Presents

We had our family celebrations today for Everett's birthday. Below is a video of Everett's Happy Birthday serenade, my only question is why was I so sure that his name would have 3 syllables and counteract the shortness of the Smith last name when everyone says (or at least sings) Everett's name with 2 syllables. Oh, the mysteries of life!

Everett liked his cupcake a little bit too much,

and then the presents. The basketball net was a huge hit, (thanks Nana!)

loved the truck, (thanks Nana!)

but I think the football was his favorite (he had the biggest smile!) (Thank you Aunt Kristin, Uncle Andy, Sydney and Austin)

and was not happy when someone else tried to hold his ball.

This is how Lee spent Everett's nap time,

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Jen said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy!!