Monday, October 5, 2009

Outdoing her brother

So, today was Everett's 2nd Birthday, and Madeleine didn't have school today (fair day/fall break), so she went with Everett and I to Oak Lawn United Methodist Church. Madeleine helped me lead chapel for 4 preschool classes - songs, Bible story, prayers, and although I didn't get much work done, we did have fun together. We went to Everett's classroom to watch as his class (more like his teachers) sang Happy Birthday and the kids made a mess with the Elmo cupcakes (you can no longer make cupcakes and bring them to your child's classroom, you have to buy them because of the peanut allergies in case someone uses peanut oil at home). Then, we got home and we all celebrated once again with Everett's favorite meal of spaghetti, and the last of the cupcakes.

The only sad news of the day was when I discovered that the last thread connecting the tag to Everett's blanket had disintegrated due to overuse. The tag to the blanket was on Everett's floor this morning and Everett mornfully kept saying, "Blankie, blankie" while holding the tag that was no longer attached to the blanket. Saddest thing ever. I will sew it back, as soon as I can figure out how to extricate Everett from his blankie.

All was quiet in our household, Everett was asleep and I was reading Madeleine her last bedtime story, when... she told me her tooth hurt and she put her hand in her mouth to check on the tooth and came out with the tooth in her hands! She was a bit surprised and scared at first, but very excited after the blood had been spit out of her mouth. It was a much more pleasant experience than her first tooth loss, when she was 18 months. Madeleine was wearing those footed pajamas, slipped, and hit her face on a kitchen chair. Her top front tooth came out whole and everything was okay (after the initial trauma). This time it is her opposite bottom tooth and she is just adorable! She has been wiggling her bottom two teeth since this summer when the dentist told her that it looked like she would loose her bottom two teeth by Christmas.

Here are some photos from the first tooth loss when Madeleine was 18 months and from tonight. The tooth fairy didn't come when she was 18 months because we used the tooth many times to explain why it wasn't in her mouth and what had happened. The tooth fairy is coming tonight, baby!

Lee and I were talking after the tooth loss tonight and we thought it was so funny that she would loose her first tooth (in recent memory) the same day as her brother's birthday, was she trying to outdo him?


Sharon said...

Love the pics, Kerry! Happy Birthday to Everett. David & I had the RV on another adventure to Dale Hollow this past weekend. Love those winding Kentucky Roads...

Tiffany said...

Wow, what an exciting day in the Smith Home. Happy Birthday Everett and congrats on the 1st tooth fairy visit Madeleine. I did not realize Madeleine lost her 1st tooth so early. Cute story!

Theron Hesper said...
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