Monday, February 16, 2009


The wonderful Rev. Patsy Brundige led a great class this morning at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church. The class was titled, "Search Warrant," and was about writing. Here are our exercises...

Write for 4 minutes about your mom, grandmother, or aunt beginning, "I remember..."

Here is what I wrote:

I remember when I was growing up my mom would make her famous, yet easy taco salad. We were forbidden from watching TV while we ate our dinner. It seemed like we always had a family dinner where everyone sat at the table. Whenever I think about happy meals and eating around a table, I think of my mom. I loved our kitchen table. It was an old canning table that my grandmother used. It is dark brown and the knots on its legs and its wooden planks remind me of its age and of all of the families that have gathered round to pray together, to eat together, laugh and cry together.

Next, write about a color for 4 minutes but do not use the name of that color. Here is what I wrote:

I remember a dress that my mother sewed from the pattern. It was a vibrant color, a deep color, a color that screams to me of joy, of love, of life. It is a color of new beginnings, of vitality. It is a color that has a va va voom effect on a room. This color is the color of blood, of love, of wine, of Pentecost. Like flames of fire, like blood pulsing through our veins.

Next, write about a sound for 4 minutes. Here is what I wrote:

I love the sound of Everett's laugh. After his bath, when he is wrapped up in his towel, laying on the changing table, his eyes look up at me ready and waiting. Waiting for our game. It is a game we play every night. It is the game to make Everett laugh. Sometimes I tickle his feet, or nip at them lightly. Sometimes a sudden kiss to the tummy will be just the thing. Our new game is the most fun. I cover Everett's face and play peek a boo. But then I add a new twist. While his face is covered by the towel I kiss his cheeks or kiss his nose, he laughs and laughs from under the towel. Then I uncover his face and give him kisses all over... his nose, his cheeks, his eyes. I think this is the best noise I have ever heard. Then, big sister Madeleine comes in the room. Everett spots her and I know that he will laugh a richer, deeper laugh for her.

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