Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We double dated on Valentine's Day, just the 8 of us, my sister and her husband and our 2 kids each... We had such a quiet and intimate evening, just kidding! It was lots of fun though! We went to Fuji Steak and Sushi House which was rated #1 kids restaurant by the Dallas Observer. We sat at the hibachi table and the kids were enthralled (and a little scared) by the fire and knife-wielding awesomeness! I highly recommend this restaurant for its entertainment value (and the food was yummy!)

My sister Kristin and her 5 year old Sydney!

The crew (from the left): Lee, Everett, brother-in-law Andy, niece Sydney, nephew Austin, sister Kristin, Madeleine, and me.

This is another Madeleine self-portrait, these crack me up! How does she manage to center herself so well?

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