Thursday, February 5, 2009

More food reviews!

My mom is visiting to celebrate my niece Sydney's 5th Birthday this weekend. My mom has been wonderful and accompanied me to some great restaurants that I have been wanting to try...

I had been wanting this great deal of a lunch at Aurora for some time and it was well worth it! Very delicious! Though the waiter apparently did not understand me when I responded to the sparking or still water question with "Dallas' finest," because I was charged $6 for what I thought was tap water but was instead bottled...

And this place, The Kozy, was incredible. All local Farmers Market veggies and organic eggs. We went for breakfast and I want to go back for lunch and dinner!

Other news: Everett is getting more teeth, the canines this time, that boy is getting a mouth full of teeth!

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Victoria is only a wee bit crazy said...

Do they serve tap water at Aurora?

I'm a fine of Dallas Finests myself.