Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watch out NBA!

Everett's new favorite activity is to play with his Leapfrog Basketball net. He dunks like LeBron James, baby! My mom bought this toy for Madeleine when she was 1, but I don't remember Madeleine playing with it too much. Everett, on the other hand, loves it! Everett loves to climb as well. I seriously have to wrestle him into his car seat every single time (or hand him a cookie or a sippy cup so he will face forward). Otherwise he wants to climb up his car seat and try to fly into the front seat. He has not hurt himself yet, but one time the only thing that I had ahold of was one foot, everything else was upside down in the front seat of the car. When Madeleine plays in Everett's crib (her old crib) she is still not able to climb out by herself (or at least she is not interested in climbing out because I still have to help her out of it). Everett, on the other hand, I think that he will be a climber... time will tell...

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