Saturday, September 6, 2008

11 months old

Everett was 11 months old yesterday! How did that happen so fast? He also said his first recognizable words. We had been teaching him "all done" at mealtime, in baby sign language you wave your hands around (technical, I know) and say "all done". Well, last night Everett said a recognizable "all done" verbally as well as with the baby sign language! It sounded like, "Aaaa dooo" okay, now it doesn't sound like much but it's the little things, you know? It is so funny though that Everett who is not interested in food, would use "all done" as his first words... Ironic, maybe? Here's this boy who is almost on the weight growth chart for infants, a boy who I try to entice with food at every opportunity, a boy who only loves to eat yogurt and goldfish - and his first words are I've had enough, I'm good, I'm full. Yesterday he said "aaaa dooo" and was waving his hands after two bites of rice cereal. Are you kidding me? You're now empowered with the ability to communicate this?

Anyway, besides his pickiness for food, he is the sweetest boy. He loves to cuddle with anyone that is holding him. When he lays his head on your shoulder it is like heaven. He is a wiggle worm who does not like to be contained when he could be crawling. He puts everything in his mouth, and I have now begun to call him billy goat. He is into everything and is crawling so fast. If a bathroom door is left open, he will be pulling the toilet paper and he seems to like the taste of the toilet paper as well. He loves to open all cabinets, and last night found where the pots and pans were! He loves to pull up and can now reach the top of the kitchen table, nothing is safe! He is cruising along anything that he can and can walk behind a toy that he is pushing or walk with mommy or daddy if we hold him up. And he loves his sister so much. Here they are, both in footed pajamas, Madeleine wanted to match her brother. Happy 11 months brother! (My current nicknames for Everett are goosie or brother.)

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Jen said...

Wow! He really looks like Lee in that top pic!