Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Madeleine had her first day of school at Oak Lawn UMC Child Development Center today and Everett had his first day at Church of the Incarnation. Both seemed to really have great days! I asked Madeleine a ton of questions (she does not respond well to "Tell me all about your day," so I have to ask lots of questions) and the response that made me laugh the most was about her lunch. At her school they feed her lunch and so I asked what she ate. She replied,

Madeleine: "Red meat, a tortilla, and some beans."
Me: "Did you eat it all?"
Madeleine: "Yes, it was yummy!"
Me: "Did you like it?"
Madeleine: "I love tortillas!"
Me: "Did everyone in your class like it?"
Madeleine: "One boy didn't eat the red meat, he's a vege... veget.... vegee.... He's allergic."
Me: "Is he a vegetarian?"
Madeleine: "He's allergic."
Me: I go into a discussion about what it means to be a vegetarian, etc. but I just thought it was so funny that to Madeleine it was simple - he was allergic!

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