Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exhausted Madeleine!

This weekend was busy. Lee and I spent Friday night at the W Hotel to continue our anniversary tradition of going away for a night to celebrate our wedded bliss. My mom and stepdad watched Madeleine and Everett with the wonderful help of my sister during the day to wear out Madeleine and Everett. It was a little traumatic, it was my first full night away from Everett.

Then Saturday Madeleine had ballet and then her birthday party! Sunday we went to church and then went to a pool party hosted by our Real Family Sunday School class from Lovers Lane UMC. Needless to say the girl did not go to bed at her regular time any of those nights! Monday, Madeleine attended art camp from 10 am - 12 pm and took a real nap (she was asleep and I had to wake her up) in the afternoon. She never takes a real nap during quiet time. Then, Monday night Lee checked on Madeleine before he went to bed and her found her like this: right in front of her door (I had told her after the 7th time of her leaving her room that she must stay in her room from now on). And yes, she is in flannel, footed pajamas. In her exhausted, grumpy state this is what she wanted to wear! No negotiations, please! Then, again today, Madeleine took a real nap during quiet time and I had to wake her up! She must be running laps or something at art camp!


Erica said...

Poor thing just crashed. Too cute in Dora pjs though.

KLS said...

That is adorable! I guess Everett isn't suffering from EXTREME separation anxiety like Sam. Lucky you!

Happy anniversary!